A rather fancy word for us having a little chat on the phone or via email.

For bigger or more creatively involved assignments we would usually meet up in person prior to your shoot to run through some ideas.

We will discuss any potential dates, deadlines, and special requests.

My pricing is deliberately transparent, so at this point I will discuss or display my entire price list, avoiding any unexpected surprises after your photoshoot.


We follow the plans of our consultation and meet at the agreed venue (either studio or your chosen location).

You will proceed to have all manner of fun on your photoshoot!

At the end of the shoot we will discuss post production time frames.

N.B. I may bring an assistant if required. I always come equipped with professional photo kit.

I always shoot in RAW to ensure the highest possible quality for your photos.

Post production & image selection

A family photoshoot is ready to view in 5 days (usually sooner). 

The time frame for fashion/makeover/promotional shots is dependent on the number of images required.

After the agreed time I will upload the images from your photoshoot to a password-protected private viewing gallery in the 'Client' area on this website.

From here you can choose your favourites for the final in-depth retouching process.

N.B. Immediately after your photoshoot your files will be backed up on two separate hard drives.

Using Format