1. Fashion editorial: For I Have Sinned

    Date 27 Feb 2016
    I recently photographed an editorial set of fashion photos while incorporating a new team member, local Bristol makeup artist Jenny Davies.  Jenny did a fantastic job creating slick and sultry makeup which fitted perfectly with the theme. We worked alongside my trusted hairstylist Mia Stronach and talented nail technician Roxanne Jade Drew and a…

  2. Kitten shoot: Mira & Orion

    Date 02 Oct 2015
    In August 2015 I shot some pet portraits for Sofia and Tony, a young Bristol couple who had recently welcomed two beautiful little kittens - Mira and Orion - into their home Say hello to Mira (a super cute calico kitten), and Orion (a gorgeous silky crazy black kitten). Typically kittens are more…

  3. Natural kids portraits: girly girls

    Date 25 Aug 2015
    I shoot a lot of children’s portraiture and fashion photography, so I love it when parents turn up with a selection of great outfits. Often I’m spoilt for choice!  This was certainly the case with Rachel Gardiner and her beautiful daughters Freya and Saskia. We organised a creative shoot for Freya,…

  4. My holiday to Banksy’s Dismaland

    Date 25 Aug 2015
    I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest Banksy fan. However, when I saw the plans for Dismaland I was so excited and knew I had to visit ASAP. (Apologies for the phone snaps - I can’t bear having my professional camera with me when I’m out for

  5. Flexible fashion with Burnt Soul Clothing

    Date 19 Aug 2015
    Anna Louise is a maths teacher and a surprisingly flexible pole dancer (an X-Pole girl, no less)  from Swindon.  Yes, you read it correctly, Anna really is a secondary school maths teacher! When she told me this all I could picture was my tweed-jacketed hairy middle aged maths teacher in a leotard. Thankfully this image…

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